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Old Guitar Tuning Keys, Needing to be Replaced

Top 5: Guitar Tuning Keys

Looking to replace your old guitar tuning keys? Considering upgrading them to something better? The options are endless wh...

July 1, 2023 by Alex Storrie in Guitars & Gear, Top 5

The Return of the Badass Bass Bridge

The Leo Quan Badass Bridge is back!     The Badass has been largely missing from the Allparts' product...

January 31, 2023 by Alex Storrie in Bass Gear, New Products

Top 5: Essential Tools to Restring a Guitar

Restringing a guitar, either electric or acoustic, requires a few basic tools to make the process go smoothly. Here is our li...

January 27, 2023 by Alex Storrie in Top 5

Top 5: Christmas Gifts for Guitarists

Anyone who is a non-guitarist will understandably find it hard to buy Christmas gifts for guitarists. You could reach for ...

December 12, 2022 by Alex Storrie in Top 5

Compensated Telecaster Saddles | 10 Minute Mods

The classic 3-saddle Tele bridge is notorious for poor intonation. Your Telecaster deserves better. Replace those saddl...

December 10, 2022 by Alex Storrie in 10 Minute Mods

Personalise your Grover tuners | 10 Minute Mods

A new set of buttons for your Grover is a quick upgrade anyone can do. Most machine head manufactures supply multiple butt...

December 9, 2022 by Alex Storrie in 10 Minute Mods
Schaller M6 Locking Tuner

Top 5: Best Locking Tuners

There are a load of benefits to fitting locking tuners but with so many options available, it can be difficult to work out wh...

December 2, 2022 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear, Top 5

Top 5: Hi-Mass Bass Bridge Upgrades for Fender

There are three things you want from any Hi-Mass Bass Bridge: function, form, and affordability. All five bridges on this ...

December 1, 2022 by Alex Storrie in Bass Gear, Top 5
Les Paul Upgrades

Top 5: Epiphone Les Paul Upgrades

In our previous "Top 5" article, we covered upgrades for a Gibson Les Paul. Although it shares many similarities to the Gibso...

November 30, 2022 by Alex Storrie in Top 5
Locking Tuners have Shorter Posts

Why do locking tuners have Shorter Posts?

Locking tuners have shorter posts than standard/classic machine heads because of the string height. Locking posts remove t...

November 29, 2022 by Alex Storrie in Guitars & Gear