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Another music shop leaving our local high street

November 27, 2019 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, News

Sadly, it seems like Drum City have packed up their Romford store and moved on.

They aren’t the first local music shop to close their doors and they certainly won’t be the last. Sound Attak closed their Hornchurch drum shop some time ago and PMT relocated their Romford store to the very edge of the town centre, adding to the trend of our ever shrinking high streets and town centres.

However, I doubt the footfall into town was the reason for the closure – music shops don’t tend to receive too much passing trade. I suspect the real issue was the strong competition from PMT and DV247 who are based just a 5 minute drive up Main Road.

Although Drum City are trading online, it’s a shame to lose another specialist with a physical store.



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