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Babicz Guitars Full Contact Hardware

Babicz Full Contact Hardware

Jeff Babicz and Jeff Carano establish Babicz Guitars in late 2003. Prior to that, Babicz and Carano were the executive management team for Steinberger Guitars in the 1980’s. What most musicians do not know is that prior to launching Babicz Guitars, Jeff Babicz was working on a new bridge system for his own electric guitar and bass designs.


“It was a consistent problem, even back in the Steinberger days, where bridge saddle locking set screws would come unscrewed, through natural vibrations of the instrument, and the vibrating string was no longer coupled to the bass or guitar bridge. This happened often, and when it did, there was a clear loss of sonic performance. I was constantly working on bridge designs that would get me maximum saddle surface contact and yet maintain all the expected string height and intonation saddle adjustments.” Jeff Babicz


Full Contact Hardware (FCH)

The first FCH prototype bridge was first mounted to Carano’s Fender Jazz bass and the results were immediately prominent. The locked down saddle design dramatically improved sustain while the lightweight materials offered a new level of tonality.
After years of refinement, Jeff Babicz officially introduced The Babicz Design “Full Contact Hardware” in 2008. It featured the patented “eCAM” (short for “encapsulated cam”) saddle design for electric guitars and basses.
The FCH bridges offer a dramatic improvement in sustain and tonal quality. They achieve this by eliminating any gaps or voids between the bridge saddles and the body of the instrument. With FCH, you can set the string height and intonation with precision. The “eCAM” saddle allow for instant “action” adjustment without ever adding space between the saddle and the body of the guitar. With a Babicz bridge, all of the height adjustment screws you would typically find on a guitar bridge are eliminated. With the Babicz FCH design, the bridge saddle can never “sink” or “shift” while playing. Each eCAM saddle also includes a specially designed “String Height Lock” feature which keeps your string height setting in place, even during extreme saddle vibrations.

You can view the full range of Babicz FCH HERE