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EKO Ranger 12 String JLD Bridge Doctor Installation

April 19, 2018 by admin in JLD Bridge Doctor

EKO Ranger 12 String JLD Bridge Doctor Installation

For 12 string guitars, we almost always suggest using the Brass Pin version of the JLD Bridge Doctor. Simply put, there usually isn’t room to accommodate the screw of the Screw Mount version at the back of a 12-string bridge.

Having said that, Justin found that for his EKO Ranger 12-string, there was just enough room to fit the Screw Mount version, albeit with the screw having to be positioned slightly off-centre rather than in-between the D and G bridge pins. He kindly sent in these fantastic photos of the whole process.

Justin’s comments after fitting the Bridge Doctor – “Soundboard is perfect. Action is perfect. Staying in tune. Loads of volume and sustain.” 

Thanks again for the photos Justin!



You can view both versions of the JLD Bridge Doctor HERE



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