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Performer Precision Bass with Hipshot A Style Bridge fitted

Fender Performer Precision Bass, Bridge Upgrade

“Born in Corona, California, the American Performer Precision Bass delivers the exceptional tone and feel you expect from an authentic Fender—along with new, player-oriented features that make it even more inspiring to play.”

The bridge however is possibly the most uninspiring choice for these basses. A standard Fender spec: it is a Vintage style bridge with a bent base and barrel saddle, top-loading, 19mm string spacing.

The Performer is of course a balance between modern playability and the want for authenticity. (Why else would you buy a Precision, if not for the Precision tone and feel?) But surely the “vintage” hardware is working against what the Performer Precision is trying to achieve here? To my mind, any improve playability is negated by the lack of improved function: tuning stability, accuracy, adjustability. Remember, this is a ‘Players’ Precision.

Chuck out the old bridge for something a bit more robust, precise, more exciting; as Quent decided to do. In this case, he went for a Fender-mount version of the Hipshot A Style. But of course, with the original bridge using the typical Fender 5-Hole mounting configuration, you’re very much spoilt for choice with replacement options.



Thanks for the photos Quent!


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