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Grainger's String Ferrule Block

Grainger’s String Ferrule Block Really Is Fantastic!

December 9, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

I first came across Grainger Guitar Parts during a phone call with customer at the beginning of this year. We were chatting about parts (obviously) and some how we got on to who, if anyone, was manufacturing guitar parts in the UK. It was then, after the phone call had ended, that I first went over to Grainger’s website to have a look around. And that’s where I found their guitar string ferrule block, the very first product I looked at.


That was it, I had to get them in! I don’t know why. Well, saying that, obviously they are top quality guitar parts but is a guitar string ferrule block really something guitarists want? I’ve seen a number of guitar builders use them, and they really do look great, but that’s no guarantee that guitarists would even like them let along try and fit them.


Thankfully Grainger Guitar Parts do offer a Template System which is fantastic! I’m also working on getting all the tools needed to fit them. Hopefully the combination of the two will make installing on on any guitar super easy!


Watch this space!


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