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Halo Guitars Headless Build Using JCustom Hardware

October 31, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

I’m really starting to come round to the idea of stocking JCustom Hardware. The more that I find their bridges being used on custom builds, the more they’re growing on me. And I’ve just found another example from Halo Guitars – Custom Headless Build


“This custom headless guitar was designed, engineered, and built-to-order for a customer. It is truly one of a kind and boasts a stunning combination of high-end features/components.” – Halo Guitars


The build used a JCustom XS Tremolo II bridge paired with a set of Technology for Musicians String Locks. Interestingly, the XS was the customer’s bridge of choice. I wonder then if they had used one before on another guitar and if so which make/model of guitar was it? It surely can’t have been a spur of the moment choice? Whatever the case may be, they made a good choice – The finished build is just awesome!



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