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Hipshot Guitar Bridge Stainless Steel Saddles in Black

Hipshot Fixed Bridge – The Best of the Best?

December 7, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

The Hipshot Fixed Bridge is everywhere. Everyone is using them! I guarantee that every guitar builder out there has used this Hipshot guitar bridge, at least once, for one of their custom builds. And for anyone looking for a replacement, this is likely the bridge they’ll look at first. So what makes it such a great bridge?

The most important factor with any upgrade/replacement part is the ease of use for the end user – you. If a part is not straightforward to fit and setup, I know for a fact most people will be put off buying it. There will always be a little bit of work when it comes to fitting a new part but I understand that most guitarists are not comfortable with drilling, routing, etc.

So, put simply, aside from the look and feel of the bridge (and it really is a pretty looking bridge), these Hipshot guitar bridges are extremely easy to work with. 3-screw mounted, standard 10.5mm spacing, string-through; it’s so simple yet so good! And that’s without mentioning the saddles & base plate materials, size, weight, etc….




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