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Hipshot Locking Tuners Reviews from eBay Customers

December 17, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog

Hipshot’s Locking Tuners are by far one of the most popular items that I stock. And it’s not surprising – Everyone knows that Hipshot produce some real quality guitar parts, and their Grip-Lock machine heads are no exception. What’s really great to see is customers sharing their experience of fitting and using the tuners. Here’s some of the Hipshot Locking Tuners reviews left by some of my eBay customers…

Best change you can make to your guitar:

“I picked up this set of staggered tuners so that I could get rid of my string trees. I thought that it would help with tuning stability l(which it does). Somehow it has the added effect of making it far easier to play heavy gauge strings (13s) on my strat. The 13s now feel like 10s.” – chriturne146, eBay Customer

Great tuners:

“Great tuning stability and quick string changes.” – briankipper, eBay Customer



“Absolutely fantastic, the best of the best……” – ljw_son, eBay Customer


You can view the full range of Hipshot locking tuners HERE

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