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Split-Post Tuner

Hipshot Machine Head with a Split-Post?!

The Hipshot tuner is the definition of a contemporary guitar tuner. Compact. Lightweight. Accurate.

So, what on earth is this Classic machine head doing with a split-post?!

Obviously, there’s been a mistake.

This type of post (slotted or split) is usually reserved for “vintage” style machine head heads. All of Hipshot’s Grip-Lock and Classic tuners come with a “modern” post style instead where the string is threaded through a hole at the top of the post.

But a lot of guitarists swear by the split-shaft design and consider it much more stable than the modern post. And it is a classic – they were originally used on Fenders in the 60’s. The string is first threaded down the middle of the shaft before being wound around the post. (See how it works HERE)

I think it’s interesting that Hipshot don’t make a machine head with this type of post (apart from the single tuner I have here). Most other guitar parts manufacturers have a whole host of different machine heads with a number of post types. GOTOH have machines heads like the SD90 and SD91 with split-shafts. Schaller have the F-Series models of guitar tuners which this type of post.

Perhaps Hipshot should make one too?


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