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Schaller Signum Bridge

Installing the Schaller Signum Bridge

February 12, 2019 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

The Schaller Signum Bridge is a fairly recent bridge from Schaller and is a new addition to BTN Music’s guitar parts catalogue. It’s very nice addition too, sitting nicely next to their other bridges & tailpieces. (Have a look at their GTM Bridges and Stop Tailpieces)


“It’s design is all geared towards improving your instrument’s tone, playability AND looks. The Schaller Signum achieves these improvements through 3 key features; locking studs for a greater transfer of resonance, tonal definition from state-of-the-art string saddle shaping, and a smooth & sleek top surface for comfort and style. These things combined creates a rich, dynamic tone with plenty of sustain and overtones.”


These wraparound bridges are a bridge and tailpiece combo and are a perfect upgrade or replacement for many guitars with this style of bridge. It’s mostly a direct fit for many guitars, making the Signum bridge an incredibly easy part to fit. Check out this installation video below:



You can buy the Schaller Signum Bridge HERE



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