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JLD Bridge Doctor

JLD Bridge Doctor – FAQs

February 28, 2022 by Alex Storrie in Guitars & Gear, JLD Bridge Doctor


Your JLD Bridge Doctor questions answered.




  • Q: Can the device be installed off-centre?
    • A: Although it is ideal to centre the device within the guitar, it is not always possible depending on the bridge, bracing or space inside the body. Regardless, the Bridge Doctor will still work if fitted off-centre. In fact, the Brass Pin version is never central, as it installs at either the D or G bridge pin position.

Screw Mount Version

  • Q: 
    • A:

Brass Pin Version

  • Q: Can I install the Brass Pin version on a 6 string guitar?
    • A: Yes but you must consider where the windings at the ball end of the string will rest. The Brass Pins sit the ball above the body (rather than dragging the ball inside the guitar like normal bridge pins) and the windings can often end up sitting over the saddle, causing buzzing and tuning issues.
  • Q: Only 5 of the 6 bridge pins have a locking nut. Is one missing?
    • A: No. The 6th pin screws into the plastic post of the system block, therefore a locking nut is not needed.
  • Q: A screw and insert are missing; should they be included?
    • A: No, they are only included with the Screw Mount version.


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