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Babicz FCH T-Swivel Saddle Kit for Fender Stratocaster


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Babicz FCH T-Swivel Saddle Kit

for Fender Stratocaster Style Electric Guitars

Upgrade your Fender Strat’s existing guitar saddles to a Babicz FCH T-Swivel Saddle Kit. These eCAM Saddle upgrade kits can be installed on most Fender Strat type tremolos (wide or narrow spacing, American Series, MIJ, MIM) and fixed bridges.

By allowing the intonation screw to rotate up or down within the T-Swivel assembly. Therefore these saddles can replace most “Strat style” saddles with a centered intonation screw and a string through the body feature. The eCAM saddle is an innovative solution which improves your guitar’s natural tone and sustain. Their design also allows for extremely fast and precise individual string height “action” adjustments and intonation adjustments. You can read more about the Babicz eCAM Saddle Technology HERE

The T-Swivel Kit includes:

  • 6x Babicz FCH T-Swivel eCAM Saddles with stainless steel eCAMs inserts
  • Intonation screws
  • Springs
  • Installation Instructions
  • Action adjustment hex wrench/imperial Allen Key

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Chrome, Black, Gold

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