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EarthTone Calfskin Drum Heads for Snares/Toms


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EarthTone Calfskin Drum Heads for Snares/Toms

EarthTone’s drum heads are made from genuine calfskin. Changing to calfskin heads will produce a warm and full tone out of your kit. An EarthTone drumhead is mounted the same as a Mylar head which makes installation them very easy. The tom drumheads have an inside dimension of their size plus 1/8″. The thickness ranges from 11-18 mils.

Unlike vintage calfskin heads, EarthTone Calfskin Drum Heads are specially tanned and treated to reduce fluctuation in tuning the toms. When tuning your drum kit, the heads should settle after 2 to 3 days. EarthTone drumheads bring vintage kits back to life. Brushes add a whole new element when played on the textured heads. EarthTone drumheads are some of the best heads for recording. When it’s time to replace your drumhead, give EarthTone drumheads a try.


Installation Notes:

  • Do not wet head, Mount like a normal Mylar head.
  • Because of their organic nature, it is suggested to mount the heads loosely tightened and allow a one-to-two day acclimation phase so that some stretching may occur.
  • After the rest period, you are ready to tune your drum up to pitch. Make sure the hoop is level when you are tightening the head.
  • Tune and pitch EarthTone drumheads as you would any other head. These Heads are pre-crowned, stretched, and similarly adjusted. If needed, you may re-tune to tension.
  • Make sure the heads always stay dry after mounting.
  • Occasionally, new heads may have a thick spot and may be fixed by gently sanding the bottom of the drumhead with 150 grit sandpaper until desired consistency is achieved. Also, if you desire to slightly thin head, the inside may be gently sanded with 150 paper. Be cautious if you decide on this step, as sanding too much will ruin the head.

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