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GOTOH 35G420 Classical Guitar Tuners – Flash Gold w/ White Pearl Buttons


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GOTOH 35G420 Classical Guitar Machine Heads

Flash Gold Finish w/ White Pearloid Buttons

Upgrade your classical guitar machine heads to a set of GOTOH 35G420 tuners. These Flash Gold finished tuners come with GOTOH’s 35G post size; the standard 10mm post width found on most classical guitars. The 1:14 gear ratio make these machine heads highly accurate. White Perloid buttons complete these machine head’s vintage look and feel.


Note: The “Flash Gold” finish is a fine layer of gold and not the same as a gold plated machine head. Consider this finish more of a tinted gold rather than the bold finish typically found on other acoustic and electric guitar hardware.


Prefer a nickel finish? Take a look at the GOTOH 35G350 Classical Guitar Machine Heads


  • 1x Bass Side/Right Handed Strip (of 3 Machine Heads)
  • 1x Treble Side/Left Handed Strip (of 3 Machine Heads)
  • 1:14 Gear Ratio
  • Flash Gold finish
  • White Pearloid Buttons
  • Includes mounting screws

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Nickel, Flash Gold

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