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GOTOH SG381 3+3 Guitar Tuners


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GOTOH SG381 3 3 Guitar Tuner Set – with 05 Butterbean Style Buttons

The GOTOH SG381 are GOTOH’s standard model of machine head, with the usual 10mm wide post to fit many models of modern guitar and the 135 degree mounting. All 6 tuners come with the “standard sized” post of 22.2mm to suit most guitar headstocks.

Made in Japan.

To read more about these particular machine heads, you can visit the GOTOH website HERE and you can view the rest of the GOTOH range we offer HERE



  • 3x Bass Side Tuners w/ butterbean buttons
  • 3x Treble Side Tuners w butterbean buttons
  • Bushings, washers and mounting screws

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Chrome, Gold

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