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GOTOH Ti-TC1 3-Saddle “Ashtray” Titanium Telecaster Bridge


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GOTOH Ti-TC1 – 3-Saddle “Ashtray” Telecaster Bridge

For many guitarists, the Classic 3-saddle Telecaster bridge is the best bridge for tone. What makes these Gotoh Ti-TC1 Telecaster bridges unique is the grooving on the “In-Tune” saddles and their Titanium construction. These grooves result in a more exact intonation compared to traditional vintage-style saddles. All of the titanium saddles are reversible and so can be used in any position. Their Titanium construction adds rich harmonic overtones and long sustain.

These GOTOH telecaster bridges are the perfect upgrade/replacement for any Telecaster style guitar. A modern alternative with a classic design.

*Perfect octave tuning not guaranteed.

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  • 3 Saddle “Classic” Design
  • Titanium Saddles
  • Steel Base Plate
  • 4 Hole Mount
  • String-through

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Nickel, Chrome, Gold

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