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Grainger Guitar String Ferrule Block – 6 String, 10.5mm (BUNDLE)


Designed AND Manufactured in the UK!

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Grainger Guitar Parts – Guitar String Ferrule Block (BUNDLE)

6 String, 10.5mm Spacing Ferrule Block

The Grainger Ferrule Block adds a solid foundation to the anchoring of your guitar strings. Grainger Guitar Parts precisely manufacture their ferrule blocks from solid brass. They also mirror polish and electro plate these blocks in a range of finishes. These Ferrule Blocks are a slick, stylish addition that also maximises string anchoring stability.

Master Template & Ferrule Block Template Inserts

Grainger Guitar Parts precision manufacture these templates from an 8mm, thick clear acrylic sheet. Grainger engrave the master template with precise centre lines so they can be easily aligned to your guitar body’s centreline.  Once clamped in position the close fitting template inserts are placed into the rectangular cut out and routing/drilling can begin.

The template inserts are used in conjunction with the Master Template and allow quick, accurate routing of the ferrule block pockets.  The template inserts adjust the routing path of the cutter, ensuring the guide bush and the cutter being used do not need to be changed to achieve the different pocket sizes required to flush fit the ferrule block. You only need to adjust the cut depth!

This system saves space, time and money, and makes the job a whole lot easier!


Grainger Guitar Parts are a British manufacturer of guitar parts and accessories. The company designs and manufactures every piece of hardware in the UK.

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Ferrule Block Specifications:

  • 6 String
  • 10.5mm String Spacing
  • Available in Chrome, Nickel, Black and Smoked Nickel


Please note the guitar ferrule block template inserts have been designed to use an 18mm guide bush and to be used with a 10mm cutter.  We advise the use of a quality cutter brand and to test cut the pocket before cutting your guitar body.


Grainger 10.5mm Block – Technical Drawing

Ferrule Block Template User Instructions



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Chrome, Nickel, Black, Smoked Nickel

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