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Hipshot BT1 Bass Xtender


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Hipshot BT1 Bass Xtender 

Does your music require you to quickly drop your bass’ tuning to a low E do D? You need the Hipshot BT1!

Stop retuning your bass guitar between songs. Hipshot’s Bass Xtenders allow you to drop your E string to D with just the flip of a lever. You can even drop as low as a C! Their Xtenders are easy to setup with the E tuning set with the traditional tuning button and the low postition set with the small thumb screw on the tuner body.

A typical setup for a bassist would be to use the detuner on the bottom string (E string) with the top position set to E and the bottom position set to D. This would all them to change their tuning from Standard (E, A, D, G) to Drop-D (D, A, D, G).


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The Short Key option is for US made G&L and MusicMan basses and the Regular Key retrofits the Schaller BML Tuner with both versions designed to fit 11/16″ headstock holes.  Any of Hipshot’s Bass Xtenders can be upgrade with a Double Stop Lever.

The full Measurements of the Hipshot BT1 can be found here – https://www.hipshotproducts.com/files/all/hbtuners.pdf

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Nickel, Black, Gold


Bass, Treble

Key Size

Regular Key, Short Key