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Hipshot BT2 Bass Xtender


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Hipshot BT2 Bass Xtender with Clover Key 

Does your music require you to quickly drop your bass’ tuning to a low E do D? You need the Hipshot BT2!

Stop retuning your bass guitar between songs. This bass Xtender allows you to drop your E to D (or as low as C!) with just the flip of a lever! The E tuning is set with the traditional tuning button while the low postition is set with the small thumb screw on the tuner body.

Retrofit your USA ’67-’82 Fender P & J Bass for drop tuning! Also retrofits Geddy Lee, reissue ’67-’82 Fender. Fits 11/16 headstock holes. Installation instructions and mounting hardware included.


Measurements – https://www.hipshotproducts.com/files/all/hbtuners.pdf


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Nickel, Black, Gold


Bass, Treble