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Hipshot Roller Nut for Dobro Guitars


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for Dobro, Resonator and Lap Steel Guitars

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Roller Nut for Dobro Guitars

The Hipshot Roller Nut is the perfect part to maximise your Dobro, Resonator or Lap Steel guitar’s tuning stability. No matter how lubricated normal guitar nuts are, they will always grip the strings as they slide over. This binding of the string will stop the string from returning to pitch, after bends or heaving playing, therefore causing your instrument to go out of tune. These nuts give each string their own free wheeling roller which allows your strings glide over with ease.

Make sure to use a Roller Nut when fitting a Hipshot Doubleshot for the best tuning results. You can also pair these nuts with a set of Hipshot Locking Tuners for even greater tuning accuracy and stability.


  • Includes screws to mount the nut to the fretboard.
  • The roller slot widths are compensated to accommodate string gauge. The most narrow slot is on the 1st string and the widest is on the 6th.

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Polished Aluminium, Black

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