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Hipshot Stainless Steel 6 Saddle Telecaster Bridge – B-Bender Ready


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Hipshot Stainless Steel Telecaster Bridge – 6 String, B-Bender Ready

Parsons/Green, DoubleShot and B-Bender Ready

Bring your Tele into the modern age with the Hipshot Stainless Steel Telecaster Bridge. Hipshot’s renowned stainless steel saddles feel great under your palm and have a crisp string relief edge which eliminate dull tones and maximise string vibration. Because the saddles are all individually adjustable , you are able to easily control the intonation for each string.

These bridges are produced entirely from stainless steel, which means they will not corrode over time. They also come with no side walls to get in your way!

These Telecaster bridges are “B-Bender Ready”; they have pre-drilled, top-loading holes, directly behind the saddles, allowing the strings to pass through to a Hipshot B-Bender or other vibrato device.


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  • The laser cut stainless steel, which is non-magnetic, will give your bridge pickup a far more transparent tone.
  • String through holes in the back plate of the bridge means it can be strung through the body or through the bridge.
  • The 4 hole option fits the vintage Telecasters mounting pattern.
  • The 3 hole option fits the modern Telecasters mounting pattern.
  • Compensated saddle bridge is automatically compatible with the Parsons/Green, DoubleShot, B-Bender or behind the bridge tremolos.
  • A set of stainless steel mounting screws are also included.

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Mounting Pattern

3 Hole, 4 Hole