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Hipshot Standard B-Bender with Drop D Toggle in Chrome


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Hipshot B-Bender with Drop D Lever in Chrome

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to get the lead guitar part to The Eagles “Peaceful Easy Feeling” to sound right? The reason – the part was written on a B-Bender guitar!

The original B-Bender mechanisms were designed by Gene Parsons and Clarence White of The Byrds and were fitted inside a Fender Telecaster.

Fender were licensed by Parsons/White to mass produce the B-Bender Telecaster model, with a current model costing around £1,700 or so. Alternatively, if you already have a Telecaster-type guitar, you can buy and have fitted the Parsons/White system for around £400.

If you don’t want to make irreversible changes to your guitar, then the Hipshot B-Bender is the product to use. It takes around 20 minutes to fit and, providing your bridge is top-loading*, makes no permanent modification to your instrument. Pictures of our own installation is shown on a Squire Telecaster (minus the hip lever).

This “Standard” version also incorporates the Drop-D mechanism which you can remove this from the device if not needed. You can also add a G Bender Palm Lever!


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  • Hipshot B-Bender – Hip Lever
  • Drop-D Lever
  • Mounting Screws
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Installation Instructions – HERE


*For the device to work, the ball end of the B string must pass directly through the back of the bridge to the B-Bender. If your bridge has a string-through setup, holes will need to be drilled next to the intonation screws. Plastic tubing is included to guide the string through the bridge.