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PLUS Pedal by Gamechanger Audio


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A sustain pedal for all melodic instruments

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 PLUS Pedal by Gamechanger Audio

The PLUS Pedal is more than just a stomp-box. It’s a vast extension of your instrument that bridges the gap between rhythm and lead parts. It lets all musicians explore completely new territories.

It is also a powerful arrangement and compositional tool. you can use the PLUS Pedal to create interesting and unique sound effects that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in real-time.

Whether a composer, solo performer, sound designer or part of a band – the PLUS Pedal will completely change the way you approach music. Imagine what you could do with the ability to instantly turn any melodic sound produced by your instrument into a layer of continuous sound?


This is a unique audio algorithm developed by Gamechanger Audio that lets you capture and sample tiny bits of your instrument’s signal in real time. The pedal then loops that sample back into a seamless, warm and responsive sustained tone. Unlike existing granular synthesizers and synth-pad triggers, PLUS Pedal actually runs a constant Hi-Res recording of your instrument. Once engaged, the RealTime sampling algorithm instantly creates a circular micro-loop out of the most recent audio signal.

Think of it as a smart looper that only catches the last segment of your chosen note or chord.

The resulting layers of sustain can be practically indistinguishable from the original tone of your instrument. You can further adjust and fine-tune the PLUS Pedal to achieve the exact type of sustain you have imagined.


QUALITY & DESIGN – The PLUS Pedal is built like a tank and will last you a lifetime. Its elegant design will fit in almost any setting – from academic stages to the heaviest of pedalboards

PRACTICE TOOL – The PLUS is also a fantastic tool for aural training. You can practice melodies, scales, and modes over chords or tonal counterpoints.

SCORING AND SOUND DESIGN – Effortlessly create unique ambient sounds, drones, textures, special effects for film-scores and atmospheric pieces for live-use.


• Plus Pedal effects device
• Guide and Video Tutorial
• One year warranty
• Power supply is NOT included. Plus Pedal uses standard 9V DC center negative pedal power supply.


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