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Rotosound SB10 Super Bronze Strings 10-50 for JLD Bridge Doctor Brass Pin Mount


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Rotosound SB10 Super Bronze strings 10-50 for JLD Bridge Doctor Brass Pin Mount

These strings have been developed by us in conjunction with Rotosound.

The unique feature is that the ball-end of each string is secured by a shortened winding (when compared to the standard Super Bronze strings).

Following installation of the Brass Pin Mount JLD Bridge Doctor, strings are threaded through the tops of the brass pins (more akin to an electric guitar) rather than being wedged-in by the traditional bridge pins. Because of this, the distance spanned by the strings between the pins and the bridge of the guitar is lessened, which can have the consequence that the string windings (that secure the ball-ends) end up sitting on the bridge (rather than the flat section of the string itself), which leads to a loss of tone/sustain and a raising of the playing action. These strings address this issue (see picture).

Further notes:

  • Rotosound Super Bronze strings are ideally suited for this application because they feature the piano string contact core design – see: http://www.rotosound.com/super-bronze/
  • Rotosound Super Bronze strings were previously known as Rotosound “Country Gold”.

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