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Schaller Hannes Guitar Bridge


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Schaller Hannes – 6 String Guitar Bridge

The Schaller Hannes Bridge stands out amongst other hardtail guitar bridges because of its incredible comfort! The saddles are made from a special, “touch-friendly” compound that has a smooth surface and no sharp edges.

Schaller and Graph Tech worked on the saddles together to create something that is not only comfortable but also offers greater tone and sustain. Teflon used in the compound is a highly effective lubricant material (one of the most effective in the world), that dramatically reduces saddle-related string breakage, since no sharp edges can form on the saddles due to wear.

This patented saddle material measurably increases the instrument’s sustain by up to 25% compared to brass and steel. This patented saddle material measurably increases the instrument’s sustain by up to 25% compared to brass and steel. The Hanne’s saddles have a larger surface area resting on the guitar’s body which are separated by the bridge’s construction. This physical difference, compared to all other available saddles on the market, creates a significant increase in dynamic response.

The Schaller Hannes also has an overall perfect blend of acoustic properties. It has impressively detailed highs, a fast attack and a well defined, powerful and harmonic tone.

Provided that the body is flat where the bridge is to sit, you can fit the Hannes to any type of guitar. You can earth the pickups via the string anchor plate if necessary.

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  • String spacing E-e: 54mm
  • Individual String Spacing: 10,8mm
  • Minimal G/D string height above body: 10,3mm
  • Maximum string gauge 0.098
  • Weight: 156g with accessories
  • For lefty: no

What’s in the box:

  • 1 string mounting bar
  • 2 wood screws LK 2.2×9.5
  • 2 mounting screws SK M5x50
  • 2 screw sockets (13.0 mm)
  • 3 Allen keys (2.0/2.5/3.0 mm)

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Chrome, Black, Gold, Satin Chrome

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