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Schaller M6L 3+3 Locking 135° Machine Heads Set


Looking to upgrade your guitar’s machine heads? Look no further – the Schaller M6L series of tuners are reliable and robust replacements

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Schaller M6L 3+3 Locking Tuners – 135° Housing Style

The Schaller M6L 3+3 set of tuners come with a locking mechanism to lock the string in place rather than winding around the post. The string is threaded as usual through the eye of the post and then, using the thumbwheel on the back of the tuner body, the pin is tightened against the string. You would then tune the guitar up as usual. Changing strings is quick and easy!

The locking mechanism also improves your guitar’s tuning stability. Guitar strings tend to slip when wound around the post, often after aggressive playing or bending. Locking tuners will stop your strings from slipping out of tune.

You can view the technical drawing for the M6 tuner HERE

The rest of the Schaller M6L Series tuner set can be viewed HERE

They feature:

  • Locking pin and thumb wheel
  • Large Button Style
  • 18:1 gear ratio
  • 135° angle housing style
  • 19.5mm string post to fit 9.8mm headstock holes

What’s in the box:

  • 3 bass side locking tuners
  • 3 treble side locking tuners
  •  Bushings, washers and mounting screws

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Chrome, Gold, Black Chrome

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