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On-Stage String Winder


Change your guitar strings quickly and safely!

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On-Stage String Winder – GSW500

Quickly replace and tune your electric guitar strings and save your wrists from torture with a String Winder.  The GSW500 String Winder is made of durable plastic head makes for fast string loosening and tightening. These string winders also have a built-in notched head to safely remove acoustic guitar bridge pins.

This String Winder is suitable for any electric and acoustic guitar as well as small folk instruments.


  • Made from durable plastic
  • Built-in notched head
  • Suitable for guitars (electric & acoustic), bass guitars, banjos, small folk instruments
  • In Black







How to replace your guitar strings:

  1. Place the string winder over the correct tuning machine and loosen the string until it is slack. Cut the slack string with wire cutters. (Repeat for all strings to be changed; whenever possible, remove and change only one string at a time to keep proper tension on the guitar neck.
  2. Remove the cut string(s) from the tuning peg and bridge. (Note: If your guitar has bridge pins, use the string winder’s notched head to remove the pins only after the strings have been cut. NEVER use a pair of pliers to remove the bridge pins.)
  3. Replace the string(s) as appropriate for your guitar. Leave enough slack to allow the string(s) to wind around he tuning peg. (2-3 full winds for unwound strings, 1.5-2 full winds for wound strings is plenty.)
  4. Use the string winder to get the new string(s) up to tension. Using a tuner or reference pitch, fine tune the guitar. “Stretching” the strings a bit will help seat the windings and saddle positions. Fine tune again.
  5. Cut excess string.

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