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Schaller 3D Guitar Bridge

PRS SE Mark Holcomb Replacement Bridge Options

Finding an upgrade guitar bridge for the PRS SE Mark Holcomb signature model again comes down to the mounting screw spacing. The stock hardtail has a 5-hole mounting pattern which is uncommon for guitar hardtails. The search is made harder by the awkward 10.2mm spacing between the centres of each screw hole.

Sure, you could easily source the original part from Sung-Il but this wouldn’t exactly be an upgrade. (I believe, from what I’ve read, the stock bridges from Sung-Il will not have the same saddle style as the PRS SE – Just something to be aware of.)

The Schaller 3D is one option to consider. The 20.4mm screw spacing will use 3 out of the 5 original screw holes. The Babicz FCH Original Series Hardtail will also work with its ‘universal’ screw spacing.

If you are stuck with finding other direct replacements or are looking at other bridges that will not drop-in, be prepared for some DIY; filling, sanding and drilling new mounting holes. This custom guitar build needed exactly that to fit a Hipshot Fixed Bridge.


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