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Received the wrong Grainger templates?

After setting up the Grainger Guitar Parts routing system and offering up the ferrule block, you’ll likely be looking at so...

Ferrule Blocks in Nickel and Smoked Nickel

NEW Smoky Finish For Grainger’s Ferrule Blocks

With the latest batch of ferrule blocks from Grainger Guitar Parts comes a new finish - SMOKED NICKEL This rather tasty lo...

August 5, 2019 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear
Grainger's String Ferrule Block

Grainger’s String Ferrule Block Really Is Fantastic!

I first came across Grainger Guitar Parts during a phone call with customer at the beginning of this year. We were chatting a...

December 9, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear
Grainger Hardtail Guitar Bridge - Black

Grainger Hardtail Guitar Bridge – The British Alternative to the Hipshot Fixed Bridge

Everyone uses the Hipshot Fixed Bridge. I mean EVERYONE! I guarantee that most custom guitar builders have used the Hipshot b...

December 8, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

Grainger Guitar Parts

I think one the most enjoyable parts of my job is the discovering of new brands. There's something about stumbling upon a par...

October 26, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog