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The Hipshot Detuner

September 5, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Bass Gear, Guitars & Gear

The Hipshot Detuner – Everything You Need To Know

What is it and what does it do?

The Hipshot Detuner or “Xtender” is a mechanical device that allows a musician to change their instrument’s tuning quickly and accurately during a performance.

Other names for the Hipshot Xtender include “D Tuner”, “Drop-D Tuner” and “Drop Tuner”.

How does it work?

Hipshot’s Detuner directly replaces an existing machine head on a guitar or bass. A pre-set lever allows that string to then be dropped down to a second position. The top position is set with the traditional tuning button whilst the low postition is set using the small thumb screw on the tuner body.

For example; a typical setup for a bassist would be to use the detuner on the bottom string (E string) with the top position set to E and the bottom position set to D. This would all them to change their tuning from Standard (E, A, D, G) to Drop-D (D, A, D, G).

Which Xtender do I need?

Hipshot offer a large range of Xtenders for pretty much every make and model there is. So, whichever guitar or bass you own, it’s more than likely Hipshot will have a detuning key that will fit.


You can view the full range of Xtenders HERE 


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