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Hipshot Tulips used as Grover Replacement Buttons

Using Hipshot as Grover Replacement Tuner Buttons?

November 28, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

Hipshot have a fantastic range of replacement buttons for their tuners; Half Moon buttons, Telecaster Style (D07) buttons, even the bizarre Deco and Industrial buttons. Having the option of changing the button on your Hipshot tuner is great for those looking to personalise or match the existing aesthetic of their instrument. But did you know that the Hipshots are perfect as a set of Grover replacement tuner buttons?

Although they do make their own, the range of Grover replacement tuner buttons is limited; consisting mainly of colour variations of the “Half Moon” and the Tulip buttons. Ashley was looking to change his set of Grover “Half Moon” buttons on his Gibson Les Paul for a set of Tulip buttons in Pearl. The only problem – Grover didn’t have that finish available. The Hipshot tuners, although a little clearer than he’d would have liked, were the closest he could get and he decided to give them a go. I couldn’t guarantee that they would fit but he decided to take the risk anyway. Here’s how it turned out…



They were a perfect fit, dropping straight in without any issues. As I mentioned, the only small problem was that the buttons are more of a green/clear finish than pearl. They are very similar to what you would get on a set of vintage Kluson tuners. So, if it is the vintage style you are after, these pearl Tulips are the perfect set for you. All in all, Ashley was very pleased with them.


You can view the full range of buttons from Hipshot HERE

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