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GraphTech PQ-9210-C0

Yamaha C40 Replacement Saddle

January 8, 2020 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog

Sourcing a replacement saddle for a Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar is actually pretty straight forward. Being a beginner model, it has a fairly standard spec and so the parts are commonplace. The saddle itself is roughly 80mm x 2.5mm x 8mm and is compensated at the G string.

The original saddle is still available for the first model C40 (1995 onwards) – QA078700.

There are a good few upgrade options available to you. Either the PQ-9208-C0 or PQ-9210-C0 TUSQ Nuts from Graph Tech will fit in nicely. Do note that you’ll have to do a small amount of sanding/shaping to get it to fit – this is standard practice for any TUSQ Nut or Saddle installation.

The Yamaha C40 is supposedly a great starter classical guitar for beginners picking up the instrument for the first time. What’s your thoughts on these budget classical guitars?

“…Yamaha’s most inexpensive full-size classical models, but its quality and tone are outstanding. A real bargain for beginners.” – Yamaha UK


We hold a small range of genuine Yamaha guitar parts which you can view HERE


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