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Zero Glide Nut for this customer’s Fender Strat (Video)

Tony’s installation of a Zero Glide nut was initially a success. The ZS-7f model he purchased – a Fender specific version of these zero frets – was perfect for his Stratocaster and took very little work to fit.

The problem came a short while after the part had settled. A small amount of slotting had started to develop at the fret – minute and the guitar’s playability was unaffected, but a potential issue further down the line.

A quick change over to a heavier gauge of strings stopped any further grooving developing. However, knowing that the nickel silver fret would likely need to be replaced at some point, Tony decided to pop in a stainless-steel fret instead.

Here is Tony’s Fender Strat, with the final Zero Glide installation, in action:



Thanks Tony!


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