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Stainless Steel Fret

Zero Glide’s NEW Stainless Steel Fret

October 9, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Guitar Nuts, Guitars & Gear


Gold Tone have introduced a Stainless Steel Fret to fit their Zero Glide Replacement Nuts.

If you aren’t familiar with Zero Glides, Zero Frets, what they are and how they work, you can read about the concept HERE

Any issues/complaints with zero frets usually arise from the fret wire wearing down over time. The frets included with the Zero Glides are made of nickel-silver. This compound makes them much harder than normal fret wire however this does not make them immune to wear and tear. The back and forth movement of the strings create small notches in the fret. This can potentially lead to additional string wear and intonation problems. To address the problem, you would either need to regularly replace the fret or… use a Stainless Steel Fret.

These Stainless Steel Frets do not wear down, require zero maintenance and will never need to be replaced – so they say

They aren’t cheap. They take a lot more work to fit. However, it may well be worth it if it means potentially not having to touch the zero fret again.

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