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Hipshot G Bender Palm Lever – 10310C


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Hipshot G Bender Palm Lever – 10310C – Add-On

The G Bender Palm Lever is an additional lever for the Hipshot B Bender and usually attaches to the third or G string. As your push the lever down with your palm, the lever automatically bends your G string up to G sharp or A (depending on how you want to tune it). If you tune the lever to G sharp, you have the same configuration as the A and B pedals of a pedal steel guitar (i.e. if you hold an E chord and operate the Palm and Hip Levers together you get an A chord or the 4 chord).

If you tune the Palm Lever to an A note then you perform the same types of licks you would with the B-bender. The Palm Lever also swivels out of the way when it is not in use, so that it will not interfere with your right hand muting techniques.

You can view the B Bender HERE

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