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RISA Ukulele Tuner Button Modification

January 9, 2020 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

Check out this cool modification of a RISA Ukulele (I believe it’s the Uke-Solid-Concert model). A replacement of the original tuner buttons for a set of Hipshot Industrial Buttons. However, this was not a simple swap…

Hipshot’s buttons obviously fit their own machine heads and also make a great replacement for Grover tuners. For any other brand of guitar machine head however, the SK1 is not so great a replacement. The RISA Ukulele takes this issue a step further; the machine heads used are banjo style tuners which have large pearloid style buttons fitted on a tall shaft. Not good. So a little bit of work was needed to get them to fit. Here’s how it went:

“Took a while as I had to file down the tuner shafts by hand to fit but it gives lots more room to tune, little tougher with less torque but works well.”



The 4 different coloured buttons were chosen deliberately to differentiate between each string’s tuning.

Thanks for the photos George!


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