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Hipshot BT10 Bass Detuner

The Bass Detuner

August 28, 2018 by Alex Storrie in Bass Gear

What is a bass detuner?

A bass detuner is simply a mechanical device that allows a bassist to change their instrument’s tuning quickly and accurately during a performance.

The most common type of detuning device is a direct replacement for an existing machine head on a bass guitar. A pre-set lever allows the string to be dropped down to a second position. Other names for a detuner include “Xtender”, “Drop-D Tuner” and “Drop Tuner”.

A typical setup for a bassist would be to use the detuner on the bottom string (E string) with the top position set to E and the bottom position set to D. This would allow them to change their tuning from Standard (E, A, D, G) to Drop-D (D, A, D, G).

A popular choice is a Hipshot Bass Xtender. Their range of Xtenders covers most makes and models of bass guitar.

You can read more about Hipshot’s Bass Detuner ranger HERE


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