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Left Handed B Bender – The Palm Lever Is Modified

October 3, 2020 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Guitars & Gear

OK, so I lied. Kind of. There is such a thing as a left handed B Bender. (Read the original article HERE)

It is true however, that the left handed version of the Hipshot Standard B Bender (Drop-D lever and Hip Lever) uses the exact same devices as the right handed model but switched around.

It’s when you introduce the Hipshot G-Bender Palm Lever that the ‘modular design’ doesn’t quite work. The Palm Levers are still flipped upside down (that part is true) but they are machined differently in order for them to work.

The key is the positioning of the ball end of the string. Simply flipping the palm lever upside, with the device configured for a right handed setup, would position the the string where the pitch could only be bent downwards. (It’s tricky to describe without showing you.)

Machining the Palm Levers differently (see imagine below) corrects this.

Left Handed Hipshot B Bender with Reversed Palm Lever

Correction – To Conclude

So there you have it; I was wrong.

For left handed players looking for the 10300 model (E-Toggle, Hip Lever, Palm Lever), you have two options; purchase the model as a custom order or pickup the right handed Standard model and a left handed Palm Lever to rejig as required.



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