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Osborn BT1

The Osborn HB1/BT1 Machine Head

January 24, 2020 by Alex Storrie in Alex's Blog, Bass Gear

The BT1 is a popular models of the Hipshot bass xtender. (Click HERE if you’ve never heard of an Xtender before) Because it is a direct replacement for the Schaller BML (and obviously the HB1), it fits on a lot of bass guitars. There are two versions; the Regular and Short key. The two sizes are mainly replacements for G&L and Musicman basses respectively. But there’s a third variation of the BT1/HB1 that few know about – the Osborn.

Osborn Version

The BT1 drop-d tuners use a standard Hipshot HB1 plate, clover key and 1/2″ post. However, the Osborn version is reverse wound with a much taller tuning key than the standard Regular Key. They were originally used on the Lakeland Joe Osborn Signature basses; now called the Lakland USA Series 44-60 (Vintage J) bass guitars.

Both the HB1 machine heads and BT1 Xtenders have to be specially ordered from Hipshot. You can Contact Us to order yours!

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